Aqueous in an interactive landscape of meandering pathways of light. During the day Aqueous will shift in color and reflection, mirroring the sky within a walkable dichroic surface. At night, Aqueous will flow and glow in full illuminated interactivity, engaging large groups in collaborative play.

Similar to a ritual pilgrimage, Aqueous creates a path that many can take together. Pilgrims are meant to transform on their journey, through individual reflection and the communities and experiences encountered. Aqueous can provide the disconnect from the weight of everyday responsibilities to take that journey and explore oneself, a moment and a place, and make meaningful connections to fellow pilgrims.

The highly versatile shape of Aqueous is created from three, modular curved platforms derived from arcs in the Golden Ratio. Placed together, these platforms create a giant landscape of meandering pathways within elegant geometric patterns. Each platform in Aqueous is created from a custom rotationally molded form, with a specialized, anti-scratch and anti-slip dichroic top surface. During the day this dichroic surface will reflect the sky and surrounding environment. At night, each platform will glow in full direct interactively.