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Black Rocks Art Foundation

Burning Man Art Grant 2008



2014 Vivid Light, Sydney

2014 iLight Marina Bay: Singapore

2013 Artsfest: Conway, Arkansas

2013 Chalk The Block: El Paso, Texas

2013 Denver Art Biennale

2013 Escape From Wonderland

2013 Electric Daisy Festival: Orlando

2013 Electric Daisy Festival: NYC

2013 Electric Daisy Festival: Chicago

2013 Electric Daisy Festival: Vegas

2013 Its Electric: Solo Exhibition by Jen Lewin , CU Art Museum

2013 SXSW Republic Park

2011  Electric Daisy Carnival  TX

2011  Electric Daisy Carnival  NV

2011  Last Ocean Coalition CO

2010  Montreal Balloon Festival, Canada

2010  Electric Daisy Carnival TX

2010  Electric Daisy Carnival CO

2009  Burning Man  NV

2008  Honorarium Artist Burning Man,  NV


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NBC News “Sustainable Art Glows Bright in Singapore”

BBC News Magazine “Jen Lewin: Artist dazzles with light-and-sound installations”

Smithsonian Magazine “Dive Into Jen Lewin’s Interactive Light Pool”

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The Creators Project “Create Rippling Patterns Of Light With These Interactive Circles”

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The Denver Post “Best of 2013: Denver’s 13 best cultural moments of the year”

Boulder Weekly “Art in a Digital World: How Jen Lewin Uses Technology to Inspire Connectivity”

Daily Camera “People power Boulder artist’s interactive exhibit ‘It’s Electric’ “SXSW’s Maker Takeover Flashes, Then Fizzles”

Sparkfun “Let your Geek Shine”


2008,  The Pool, Honorarium Artist and featured exhibit, Burning Man

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The Pool Brochure

POOL -verb = combine, amalgamate, blend, join forces, league, merge, put together, share  (Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus -)

The Pool is an environment of giant, concentric circles created from interactive circular pads. By entering the pool, you enter a world where play and collaborative movement create swirling effects of light and color. Imagine a giant canvas where you can paint and splash light collaboratively.

The pool is composed of over 100 interactive circular platforms placed in giant concentric circles.  This arrangement can be as small as 40 feet x 40 feet (when compressed) or as large as 50 feet x 50 feet (when expanded.)  Each pad is independent and simultaneously interacts and listens to its environment based on user feedback.  Together, the pads create complex, surprising, and unpredictable color arrays with their user participants.

By adding and subtracting light, individuals and groups of people are able to interact with The Pool in profound ways.  The interaction varies dramatically depending on the number of individuals involved.  This dynamic interaction between individuals and The Pool creates environments ranging from curious and playful with few participants to energetic and competitive with many participants.

Like a giant game of light “ping pong,” the pool will have users running and jumping, adding, bouncing, and mixing light together.


Each Pad in The Pool senses the movements of a person. User inputs such as foot location, foot pressure, and speed are sensed by the pad surface. As a person moves, light ripples out to the surrounding pads. For example, by leaning left, a ripple of varying intensity starts in that direction. A stronger more deliberate lean could cause a ripple to jump rings and fill the entire Pool. Ripples vary in light strength, length (the number of pads this message propagates to), and color. Each person’s ripple is unique. As ripples interact with other ripples, an infinite variety of colorful patterns emerge.

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The Pool Brochure