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Jen Lewin is an internationally renowned light and interactive sculptor whose studio is located in Boulder, Colorado. Over the last 15 years, Lewin has honed her highly technical medium to fabricate large-scale interactive sculptures that combine light, sound and motion to encourage community interaction. From responsive sound and light forms that incorporate dance, to woven video curtains that reflect movement, to giant robotic moths that flutter in response to human touch, Lewin’s use of technology as a medium challenges popular conceptions of new media works and their limitations. Focusing on pieces made for public use, she thinks beyond a traditional art exhibition to create an experience that brings vibrancy to neighborhoods, parks and public spaces. At once organic and electronic, Jen Lewin’s playful sculptures leave viewers enchanted and surprised while encouraging delight through their engagement with the work. In this sense, visitors to Jen Lewin’s works become artists themselves.

Her technically complex works have been featured at events including Vivid Sydney, iLight Marina Bay, Signal Fest and Burning Man, art Biennales in Denver, Colorado and Gwangju, South Korea and solo exhibitions in the United States, Portugal and England. Her design and multimedia work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian, Wired, The New York Times, BBC News and The Straits Times.  Lewin served as Creative Director for the Ceren Project and Ivee Project at The Sundance Laboratory for Advanced Computing in Design, as well as a lead designer for ITN (Saber) in Palo Alto. Lewin attended the University of Colorado where she earned her BA in Computer-Aided Architectural Design and her MPS from New York University in the Graduate Program in Interactive.


BA Architecture and Computer Aided Design, University of Colorado , Boulder
MPS: Interactive Design, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

2016    Light City, Baltimore: The Pool

2016    iLight Marina Bay, Singapore: The Light Walk

2016    Winter Lights @ Canary Wharf London: The Pool

2015    LUNA Fête, New Orleans: The Pool

2015    Istanbul Light Festival: The Pool

2015    CherryArts Festival at Stanley, Aurora: The Chandelier Harp

2015    igNIGHT, Fort McMurray: The Pool

2015    Minneapolis: The Sidewalk Harp (Permanent)

2015    Burning Man, Black Rock City: The Pool

2015    Astana Arts Fest, Kazakhstan: The Chandelier Harp

2015    Bonnaroo, Manchester: The Pool

2015    Summer in Paradise, West Palm Beach: The Pool

2015    Magical Bridge Playground, Palo Alto: The Magical Harp (Permanent)

2015    Communikey, Boulder: The Chandelier Harp

2015    MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, Montreal: The Pool

2015    Canal Convergence, Scottsdale: The Pool

2014    Solo Exhibit, University of Warwick Arts Centre: The Pool

2014    Signal Festival, Prague: The Pool

2014    Art de Colombo, Lisbon: The Pool

2014    Burning Man Honorarium Artist and Featured Exhibit, Black Rock City: The Super Pool

2014    AHA! Light Up Cleveland, Cleveland: The Double Pool

2014    Vivid Light, Sydney: The Pool

2014    iLight Marina Bay, Singapore: The Pool

2014    Luminosity, Lexington: The Chandelier Harp

2013    Session Kitchen, Denver: The Ceiling Element (Permanent)

2013    Chalk The Block, El Paso: The Pool

2013    Artsfest, Conway: The Pool and The Chandelier Harp

2013    Biennial of the Americas, Denver: The Arc Lamps and The Pool

2013    Escape From Wonderland: The Pool

2013    Electric Daisy Carnival, Orlando, New York City, Chicago & Las Vegas: The Pool

2013    It’s Electric: Solo Exhibition by Jen Lewin, CU Art Museum

2013    SXSW Republic Park, Austin: The Pool

2012    La Napoule Art Foundation, Denver: The Long Harp

2012    Burning Man Honorarium Project, Black Rock City: The Arc Harps

2011/12    Light Supply at The Museum of Outdoor Arts, Englewood: The Long Harp

2011    Lenfest Plaza, Philadelphia: The Paint Torch (Permanent) by Claes Oldenburg, Light Art by Jen Lewin

2011    Colorado Ocean Coalition, Boulder: The Pool

2011    Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas & Dallas: The Pool

2010    Solaris, Vail: The Water Tree (Permanent) by Lawrence Argent, Light Art by Jen Lewin

2010    Montreal Balloon Festival, Montreal: The Pool

2010    Electric Daisy Carnival, Dallas & Denver: The Pool

2009    New Orleans Botanical Garden, New Orleans: Arc Harps

2009/10 Voodoo Festival, New Orleans: Arc Harps

2009    City Hall, National City: Wood Harp & The Moth (Permanent)

2009    Tesla Store Opening Exhibit, Boulder: Long Harp & Arc Harp

2009    Burning Man, Black Rock City: The Pool

2008    Burning Man Honorarium Artist and Featured Exhibit, Black Rock City: The Pool

2008    Atlas Center, Boulder: Visiting Artist, The Moths

2007    Ingenuity, Cleveland: Arc Harps

2007    GwangJu Design Biennale, Gwangju: The Long Harp

2007    Wired Magazine “NextFest”, Los Angeles: The Long Harp

2007    Burning Man, Black Rock City: The Arc Harps

2006    The Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder: Solo Exhibit

2006    Wired Magazine “NextFest”, New York City: The Arc Harp & The Long Harp

2006    CU Art Museum, Boulder: The Arc Harp & The Long Harp

2006    Burning Man, Black Rock City: Arc Harps

2006    Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder: Light Curtain and The Butterfly

2004    Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder: Elevator Shaft

2002    Tiche Galla at Lincoln Center, New York City: The Ribs

2002    New York University at ITP Gallery, New York City: Butterfly

2001/2 New York University at ITP Gallery, New York City: The Ribs

2000    New York University at ITP Gallery, New York City: Dancing Curtains

1998    SIGGRAPH, Orlando: Ceren

2015 Architizer A+ Award, Popular Choice: “The Edison Cloud”

2014 Black Rock Arts Foundation Honorarium, “The Super Pool”

2014 Rotational Molding Product Design Competition: 1st Place Professional Division

2013 University of Central Arkansas Artist in Residence

2012 Black Rock Arts Foundation Honorarium, “The Pool”

2012 Black Rock Arts Foundation artist grant: “The Arc Harp”

2008 Black Rock Arts Foundation artists grant: “The Pool”

2005 Black Rock Arts Foundation artists grant: “The Arc Harp”

1996/7 Presidents Fund For Teaching in Technology Research Grant: “The Ceren Project”

1996 CASI (Colorado Advanced Software Institute) Research Grant



2015 TEDx Mile High 


2014 Pecha Kucha



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